Pairing of sushi and wines looks like cross cultural communication. However, sushi rice has rice sweet taste and rice vinegar accid. On the other hand, wine also has grape sweet taste and grape accid.

Don't you think sushi's taste sounds like wine taste?


Another case,we serve some fish with salt and lemon or other sour fruit. it contains sour taste like wine.


I think paring of sushi and wine is good.


Sushi is not so oily like beef or other flied food, but very fine and precise soft Umami taste.So we mainly prepare light wines of burgandy in France, we have Japanese wines and some other wines include champagne though.


glass ¥800~







グラス ¥   800~

ボトル ¥3,500~


we mainly prepare sake of 純米 吟醸"JUNMAI GINJYOU".


純米"JUNMAI"means it is not contain other alcoholic indredients. precisely speaking 純 means "pure", 米 means rice. "pure rice", rice only sake.


吟醸"GINJYOU" means reducing one sake rice volume until between 60%to 50% of it.




   rice only, rice volume 50% or less

good flavor light taste



rice only, rice volume between 50%~60%

well balanced flavor and taste



sake of rice only, rice volume 60% or more

basically rich taste


We have also seasonal Sakes.please enjoy Japanese Sake!




グラス ¥ 400

熱燗  S¥ 400

    L¥ 600